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We hold the winning combination for San Diego printing that provides the high quality products that our customers require. Our printing services include:

  • B&W printing
  • Color printing
  • Large format digital color
  • Card printing
  • Poster printing
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  • Eco-friendly banners


We offer in store, mobile on-site, large, or small format San Diego scanning services.

  • Office document scanning
  • Document management scanning
  • Photo Scanning
  • Document archiving
  • Large format scanning
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Our San Diego trade show services will make your next conference showing a huge success!


Our San Diego Reprographics services holds the winning combination that provides success!

How Big Is Our Dog?

When businesses think about the most important thing in their moneymaking arsenal, most usually think about how many Xerox machines they have or the size of their delivery fleet. Sometimes businesses overlook their most important assets, which stand right in front of them. Their employees. Harnessing the thoughts and knowledge of people that work for you can sometimes have surprisingly fresh results. Supporting the ideas of employees can be like cash in the bank that pays high interest rates on your hard earned cash.

Advance’s core business is just that. It’s personal service that we provide to our customers from the personal touch of our employees. Every Reprographics shop around the world has some kind of printing machines as we do here. But our approach is a little different in the fact of how we use them. We’re not the biggest repro house in town but we have something a lot of companies don’t have. Mark Twain said it best, “its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Doubling Up Our Wide Format Latex Output Capabilities

After having a new HP Designjet Latex printer for just over a year, the demand was just too much for one machine to take. Our new Latex printer was so popular we had to buy a second one.

It didn’t take long for customers to realize that HP’s Latex print technology works very well when it comes to wraps.

Latex inks lend themselves well to repositionability in highly curved surfaces and show no signs of cracking when being applied to difficult areas.

One installer said, “We had a sample of IJ180 printed on Advance’s Latex Designjet and were pleased with the results we achieved and have, therefore, continued to use it mainly for vehicle wraps.”

Why not try our Latex printer for your next wrap?

Top Printing Needs in the San Diego Area

Advance Reprographics Offers San Diego Printing Solutions

With all the industries that thrive in the San Diego area, there is a substantial need for high quality customer service and professional printing solutions. Here are some common printing needs in the San Diego area.

Business Cards

San Diego is a center of business and commerce, with a thriving foothold in the military and healthcare industries. It’s important to stand out from the crowd, and your business cards are an important way to do that.

Trade Show Displays

San Diego is home to dozens of trade shows every year, spanning industries from health and wellness to food and wine, and everything in between. Don’t neglect the visual display of your booth – get an eye-catching and professional banner or scientific poster made to represent your company or university.


Whether you’re an architect or engineer for KMA, or a set designer working in San Diego’s thriving theatre and film industries, your blueprints are of the utmost importance. Whether you’re an AutoCAD user or not, Advance Reprographics has the solution you need for your most important plans and drawings.

Advance Reprographics is your source for digital printing, graphic designing, color printing, UV finishing, and more in the San Diego area. Get a free quote on our website or call us today.

San Diego Printing

The Advance Reprographics Difference

Serving San Diego's Architect, Engineer, and Contractor community since 1963 and continuing to provide our customers state of the art reproduction services, including reprographics, digital printing, document scanning, trade show services, and finishing services.

By offering high quality services with exceptional customer service and efficient work flow, Advance Reprographics holds the winning combination that provides our San Diego customers with the solutions they need.

Contact Advance Reprographics through our free online quote, or call us today.

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